My Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Grace Chapman has an enviable set-up, living comfortably with her husband, bestselling author Ted, in a picture-perfect farmhouse on the Hudson River in New York State.

Then Ted advertises for a new assistant, and Beth walks into their lives. Organized, passionate and eager to learn, Beth quickly makes herself indispensable to Ted and his family. But Grace soon begins to feel side-lined in her home – and her marriage – by this ambitious younger woman.

Is Grace just paranoid, as her husband tells her, or is there more to Beth than there first appears?

My Review: I just loved the sound of this latest Jane Green book. It kind of has that ‘Single White Female’ feel to it. Grace Chapman is a woman seemingly living on the edge. Within the first few chapters I absolutely loathed her bullying author husband. However, a few chapters in and you realise that Grace knows no different. Her life has been ruled and surrounded by people that control the way she feels. On the surface she has the perfect marriage. Everyone seems to fawn over her bestselling author husband Ted Chapman (Lord knows why). Ted used to have an assistant Ellen, who had to suddenly leave to care for her Mother. It now seems like Grace has even more pressure upon her as her life seems to get even more disorganised by the minute.

Enter Beth! From the minute the reader meets Beth you just know there is something not quite right about her. Beth has by chance been introduced to Grace and seems like the answer to her prayers. Before long Beth has managed to integrate herself into Grace and Ted’s lives and has become almost indispensable. The way Jane Green has written Beth’s character makes it clear that something isn’t right but you just don’t quite know what. It meant I just had to keep reading, and dinner would have to wait.

Pretty soon Grace feels like she is losing her mind as her life seems to slowly slip away from her. I love reading books like this that make me want to stand up and shout and scream at Grace to see sense. Jane Green has done another stellar job in weaving a tale of an ordinary woman whose life becomes somewhat disjointed. The book kept me reading until slowly the layers of deceit and betrayal are unravelled. The only reason I didn’t score this 5/5 is that there were a couple of points in the story that didn’t quite sit right with me towards the end. Other than that another fantastic read.

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