Review of Everything to Lose by Andrew Gross


My Rating: 3/5

 Availability: Kindle, Paperback, Hardback, Audio, Nook and Kobo


 Hilary Cantor’s life is falling apart. She has lost her job, is about to lose her house, and is running out of money to care for her young son with Asperger’s syndrome.

But when Hilary is first on the scene of a fatal car accident, she finds a satchel full of cash on the backseat – enough to solve all of her problems. Her split-second decision has devastating consequences…

Because the money she takes is at the heart of a conspiracy involving murder, blackmail and a powerful figure who’ll do anything to keep the past buried. They don’t just want their money back: they want Hilary’s life – and that of her son…

My Review: I really struggled over the rating of this book. I am a huge Andrew Gross fan and was dithering between 3/5 and 4/5. Sadly after thinking about it, this latest release just didn’t cut it for me. Although, having said that, this is entirely a personal choice and is also based upon his previous work. Hilary Cantor is the lead character in this book and her life seems to be literally falling apart at the seams. Her son has Aspergers Syndrome and she has been left to deal with that and her mounting debts by her ex.

She is involved in a car accident and as a subsequence ends up making a very costly mistake with somebody else’s money. The fact that Hillary finds and decides to keep the half a million dollars is the start of a pretty obvious story, being that the original recipients want it back. What follows is Hillary’s fight to keep both her and her son alive. The first thing I think I struggled with was the character of Hilary as I just didn’t particularly like her. There are other elements to this story following the major Storm, which involves people losing their homes, and a subsequent plot weave involving gangsters and shady politicians.

The writing is as sharp as ever but for me the key elements were missing. The fact that I didn’t like the lead character is always a negative for me. Add on to that the fact that the story was too far fetched (even by my standards) dropped my opinion even more. I am actually a huge Andrew Gross fan and normally love his books, but this one just wasn’t up to par.

It’s pretty obvious that the book is most certainly readable (I read it in just under a day and a half) and for some they will really love this. For me, I still miss the Ty Hauck books (Andrew Gross series of books), and this just wasn’t as good as some of his other stand alone books. I can only hope that this was just not a good fit for me and his next book is as awesome as some of his others.

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