The Toy Taker by Luke Delaney (Sean Corrigan #3)


My Rating: 4/5

 Synopsis: Your child has been taken…

Snatched in the dead of night from the safety of the family home. There’s no sign of forced entry, no one heard or saw a thing.

DI Sean Corrigan investigates.

He needs to find four-year-old George Bridgeman before abduction becomes murder. But his ability to see into dark minds, to think like those he hunts, has deserted him – just when he needs it most.

Another child vanishes.

What kind of monster is Corrigan hunting? And will he work it out in time to save the children?

My Review: Ever since the Publishers sent me the first book (which I didn’t even get around to reading for at least 10 months) I was blown away by Luke Delaney. As soon as I had finished his debut novel featuring DI Sean Corrigan (entitled Cold Killing), I had to read the second one almost immediately. With the third release due out February 2014. I was absolutely itching to get my hands on it. Luckily for me the Publishers sent me an early review copy (YAY).

The book starts out as the previous two have by throwing you headfirst into DI Corrigans world. He, along with his colleagues Dave Donnelly and Sally Jones are being relocated to Scotland Yard to become part of the newly formed Special Investigations Unit. As such they get landed with the worst crimes, which involve the disappearance of children. The thing I love about these books is not only the characters but the writing style too. I would say under normal circumstances that this author has clearly done his research. However, Luke Delaney (not his real name) was in the Met Police, followed by the CID. It is clear that Mr D clearly gets the experience and realism from his old day job!

Sean Corrigan is a character who is so interesting. He has a dark side which enables him to have remarkable insight. No, not in the sense of being psychic, just an inner strength to see things from the perspective of the killers he chases. In this latest instalment Sean’s life is topsy-turvy and the pressures of every day life are making him lose this ability. This gives the edge back to the book as the one thing that makes him better than the rest is ‘his edge’. Once again Delaney has crafted a magnificent book, which had my toes curling in fear as I almost felt like I was in the killers mind. We also get to see Sean’s personal life a little more in this book. His world is rocked with the pressures of his working and home life and we see him make some hasty decisions!

I think the first two books slightly held the edge over this one, but just in terms of story. The first two I seemed to hold my breath a lot more! 🙂 I still stand by what I previously said; Luke Delaney is one to watch. I have a feeling this guy will in a few years be up there with the long time best sellers like Lee Child, Harlan Coben and Peter James! I absolutely love this series and cannot wait for the next one. The fact that LD uses a Pseudonym makes me even more curious than usual about the author, but I guess with his past job its just something he cant do (Damn it!). Trust me on this, if you haven’t read one of his books I think you should make sure you add this to your must read list.

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