Watch Your Back by Karen Rose (Baltimore #4)


My Rating: 5/5


Stevie Mazzetti knew she would never get over the murder of her husband and son. But with their killer behind bars, she was able to move on with her life, if only for her daughter’s sake.


Now, eight years later, the Baltimore detective always fights for the victims she meets and when she learns that her ex-partner may have miscarried justice, Stevie’s determined to right the wrong, even if it means she is in danger.


Clay Maynard has always wanted Stevie and when she is targeted by a vicious psychopath, he believes that protecting her may give him the chance to have her in his life forever. Clay will do anything to keep Stevie safe but with a killer on her tail who has everything to lose and a secret to hide, will they stay alive long enough to find happiness?

My Review: For me this book was a perfect wrap-up of all the events that have taken place in past books. But the first thing I feel like I need to point out is that you should probably read previous books first. If you haven’t the sheer amount of plot lines going on and the reasoning behind them may take longer to grasp. I also need to say that if you are planning on reading previous books please don’t continue reading this review as it will inevitably have spoilers. Having read nearly all of Karen Rose’ books I was itching to get this latest one and as soon as it was ready to go on my Kindle I eagerly started.

Stevie Mazzetti is a ballsy woman, however she is also a woman that has spent 8 years grieving the loss of her husband and son. With the killer behind bars she has a path to follow and is desperate to rectify some things. Her ex-partner turned out to be a dirty cop and as Stevie starts to dig cases up, it seems her life as well as her daughters are now in danger. The danger levels are pretty high up from early in the book and to be fair don’t drop until the very end making for a fast-paced and pretty tense read.

The additional characters that are involved in this story could take a while to detail, but the main player being Clay Maynard the PI who wants to protect Stevie and her kid. Clay is a great lead character and although he is the main lead in this story we see the return of many other characters from previous books. One of the things I love about the Karen Rose books is that the characters are not forgotten. They may appear frequently or just the once but you get to see glimpses of people from previous stories and how they link to the current characters. Some people may wonder how they can even work out who belongs where, but check out Karen Rose Website as there is a place there that explains the relationship between people and books (which is a bloody great idea if you ask me). Check it out as

Back to the story, there is a lot going on and that is by no means an understatement. There are numerous plot threads and just when you think that things are coming to a close, something else pops up. I have to say that at nearly 600 pages this is a humdinger of a book, even by KR standards. Even so, once again Karen Rose has produced a first class thriller that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. I for one will be eagerly awaiting the next book, as it seems Karen Rose is hitting the jackpot with each and every book.

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