Blood Whisperer by Zoe Sharp

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My Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: The uncanny abilities of London crime-scene specialist Kelly Jacks to coax evidence from the most unpromising of crime scenes once earned her the nickname of The Blood Whisperer. Then six years ago all that changed. Kelly woke next to the butchered body of a man, the knife in her hands and no memory of what happened. She trusted the evidence would prove her innocent.

It didn’t.

Now released after serving her sentence for involuntary manslaughter, Kelly must try to piece her life back together. Shunned by former colleagues and friends, the only work she can get is with the crime-scene cleaning firm run by her old mentor. But old habits die hard. And when her instincts tell her things are not as they appear at the scene of a routine suicide, she can’t help but ask questions that somebody does not want answered.

Plunged into the nightmare of being branded a killer once again, Kelly is soon fleeing the police, Russian thugs and a local gangster. Betrayed at every turn, she is fast running out of options. But Kelly acquired a whole new set of skills on the inside. Now street-smart and wary, can she use everything she’s learned to evade capture and stay alive long enough to clear her name?

Kat’s Review: I have to clarify something from the outset! I started reading the Charlie Fox series from Book 1 not that long ago. I am currently up to book 4, yet my Mum and Sister are both now finished with book 10. This poses a number of problems for me; especially since they have started to “talk in code” because my mum is a nightmare for spoilers! So when I realised that I could beat them to it with a new standalone I was ecstatic. However, being a fan of the Fox series, there is always the question of whether another character can be created that will be as good. I can happily confirm that Zoe Sharp bloody well can!

Kelly Jacks is a character that I instantly fell in love with. She is in possibly the worst position possible having served time behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, and not only that but she was a serving police officer at the time. It took me a matter of pages rather than chapters to get into the story and it soon became apparent that Kelly Jacks has to now look out for number one. She is pretty guarded (understandable), and to people who don’t know her hard work (again totally get that!). She is currently working for another retired copper as a cleaner of crime scenes. Her working buddy Tyrone I really liked (although Zoe was NOT impressed with what happened there) as well as her boss and former colleague Ray.

Before long the story starts to unravel as Kelly’s casual observation that a crime scene looked wrong starts a chain reaction of death and some serious skulduggery. I found myself racing through the book as Kelly’s situation seemed to become more perilous with each nugget of information she uncovered. Before I knew it I was racing towards the end and once again feeling that feeling of disappointment that I had read it far too quickly! I just couldn’t help myself and think that Zoe Sharp fans will feel the same. I’m almost shocked that this is her first standalone book, although I’m secretly hoping we may see Kelly Jacks again in the future (I can dream). This was an outstanding book and one that I think people will love. If I were you, I’d get this either in your shopping basket or downloaded at the next available opportunity; I don’t think you will be disappointed.

For once, I am ahead of the game with both my Mum and Sister (ha ha) as they have yet to read it. Although no doubt I will have to suffer more talking in code regarding the Charlie Fox Series…best I get cracking with book 5.

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