Dishonour by Jacqui Rose

My Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: When Laila takes the chance of holding hands with her teenage crush Ray Ray on the walk home from school, she has no idea of the trouble she’s about to cause. Laila is sixteen years old and beautiful, kind and clever; traits liable to get her into trouble and make people dislike her. She doesn’t make her life any easier when she falls in love with an English boy, bringing shame on her family and attracting the attention of some very dangerous men. These men are always watching her and will stop at nothing to get things done their way.

Soon there’s a terrible ‘accident’ and Laila is forced to make a deal with the devil. And pay a very heavy price for breaking the rules. Laila has been forced to marry a cruel, controlling man by the people who are supposed to love her the most. Without anyone to help her, she has to find her own way out… 

Kat’s Review: Okay first off I am completely blaming Jacqui Rose for my tired and dishevelled state this morning. I only started her new book yesterday and found myself forcing myself to keep reading at 2am this morning! Her first two books were great, but this one…well it’s brilliant. Jacqui Rose is a relative newcomer to the Crime scene but with this book she is well and truly stamping her mark.

I started reading and was instantly taken into the shockingly controlling and abusive life of Laila. At sixteen she and her family are now living under the controlling ways of her uncle following her father’s death. I found myself horrified by the treatment she received and even more shockingly is that a case of this sort of treatment was recently in the news; proving this sort of thing still goes on. Following her treatment at the hands of her uncle Laila’s life takes a huge downward turn and things spiral out of her control.

On the other side of the coin we see Ray Ray and his family, with his father being the much feared gangster Freddie who is currently serving time. Jacqui Rose has created a story that had me well and truly hooked from the first to the very last page. SO much goes on with both Laila and Ray Ray and then add to the mix a crazed psychotic bloke named Arnold and you have yourself a tense read! There were some scenes in the book which were pretty graphic and made my stomach turn, but just proved that JR has done the job. If you haven’t read a Jacqui Rose book before maybe you should try because if you are a fan of people like Mandasue Heller and Kimberley Chambers, I PROMISE, you won’t be disappointed.

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