When Love Takes Over by Caroline Grace-Cassidy


My Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: Mia Doyle has a talent for selling houses. She values her independence – weekly visits home for her Mam’s corned beef and cabbage are enough to bear! So when her boss cuts her wages and takes on his niece Anita to share commissions with her, it’s quite a blow. Worse still, the two women don’t see eye to eye.

Anita is dealing with a bad family situation and unfortunately she brings her problems to work. Mia is torn between sympathy for her and anger at her self-serving attitudes. Meanwhile Mia’s friend Carla needs her wholehearted approval when she decides to have a boob job to please her boyfriend – approval Mia is not able to give. Suddenly their rock-solid friendship seems more like quicksand. 

To add to Mia’s tensions, her love life is shaky too. When she first met Paul the Builder it was love at first sight – or so she thought. But what does he think? She really can’t tell as he blows hotter and colder than an Irish summer’s day. Then Mia takes on a client of Carla’s, the millionaire Gordon McHale who reveals a secret about Carla that Mia would prefer not to know. 

At a time when she needs to put the head down and get on with it, Mia is distracted by the disastrous events unfolding rapidly all around her. Suddenly she isn’t so sure she knows herself at all or has any idea of what she wants from life.

My Review: I started reading this debut novel by CGC as I had it sitting on my Kindle for some time, and I also happened to like the cover. I can honestly say that I had no expectations, and for once hadn’t checked out Amazon to gauge other people’s opinions. So when I started reading and met the main character Mia, I fell in love that very instant! Mia is a fun-loving woman who thankfully doesn’t take herself too seriously. She lives with her friend and colleague Carla who is struggling to please her boyfriend (who frankly, was an oddball from the beginning).

The story follows Mia as she struggles to determine what is going on with her love life. Is Paul the builder ‘the one’? Mia is an extremely funny character who is easy to like and I couldn’t help but feel for her as she battles her love life, work life and her friends at the same time. Although the book was full of likeable characters there is certainly a more serious undertone to it as well. Although the story may not have been the most original I have read, Caroline Grace-Cassidy is incredible at pulling you into the story and it was certainly a book that I didn’t like putting down.

The three women that form the central part of the book all have different qualities and although Mia was front and centre Carla and Anita make the whole story come together. I think many people reading this book will be able to relate to at least one of the characters which will make any book that little bit more enjoyable. As soon as I had finished this book I went straight back onto Amazon and downloaded CGC’s other book The Other Side if Wonderful. She is certainly added to my list of wonderful Irish authors from across the water and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. 

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