Pedigree Mum by Fiona Gibson

My Rating: 5/5

I was very pleased when the new Fiona Gibson book was uploaded to my Kindle and I earnestly got stuck in. The synopsis promises us a straying husband, broken hearts and a slightly deranged rescue dog. What’s not to love with that and to be honest with dreary February upon us I was looking forward to getting stuck into a light hearted and humorous book. Kerry Tambini and her husband and two children have made the bold move to move out of town and to the coast in a place called Shorling. Sadly, when her husband Rob makes a huge mistake Kerry is left to settle the family on her own she doesn’t know quite how she will cope. In the case of Pedigree Mum it involves a varied cast of characters in an `everybody knows everything’ place with a crazy dog for company.

The first few chapters already had me smiling as Fiona Gibson sets her storytelling to the highest standards. The descriptions of the snooty mothers whose children eat nothing but organic produce and that look like they stepped out of a catalogue had me laughing out loud. Kerry and her family are so easy to like as they are like the majority of normal families. Their life is normally organised chaos and when Kerry decides to cave into the kids demands for a dog she has no idea what she is letting herself in for. Along comes Buddy the rescue dog who quite frankly should have a book of his own. With a knack for being outrageously naughty, his appearance normally caused trouble in one form or another.

We get to see quite a bit of Rob and his life as he battles to get things right and although this part of the storyline fitted in well I loved nothing more than seeing Kerry integrate herself in a new town. Some of the characters were very funny and all of them were entertaining in their own way. I read this book in just over a day and a half and didn’t like it when I realised I had finished! I absolutely loved this book. It cheered me up no end on my miserable commute. Thankfully, I have a few of Fiona’s other books I haven’t yet read so I can look forward to getting stuck into them. This book was entertaining and addictive making me laugh in all the right places. The perfect accompaniment to a cuppa and a comfy sofa!

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