Ex-Girlfriends Reunited by Matt Dunn

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My Rating: 3/5

Having read the first book by Matt Dunn featuring Ed Middleton and his friend Dan Davies, I was keen to read the second book. Once again we meet with Ed and Dan, only this time around Ed is settled down with his girlfriend and Dan seems to be going through a dry spell. Dan Davies has a job as a TV presenter, and has landed a role in a new daytime soap. He just can’t figure out why the women aren’t falling at his feet like they usually do. In the first book we see more of Edward and his dilemma of trying to change his ways, and I actually preferred that as Dan grated on me a little bit. With Dan being a little bit more prominent in this book I wondered if I would like it as much.

When Dan and Ed realise that a website `Slate Your Date’ features Dan heavily they realise Dan’s situation is a little trickier than they first thought. Ex Girlfriends seem to have overloaded the site with details of Dan’s disgraceful behaviour. Between them, they decide the only way to get things sorted is to track down Dan’s exes and try to make things right. As usual humour is the main key to Matt’s books slightly having the edge and there is no shortage of that in this book. The one thing that did make me feel it wasn’t as good as the last is the fact that I just couldn’t imagine Dan and Ed actually being friends in real life?! Having said that, towards the end of the book my attitude towards Dan changed somewhat and I found myself thinking that he wasn’t that bad after all!

I think Matt Dunn has produced another good book and although Dan grates on me a bit, I really like the two of them and more to the point want to know how things go from here. Luckily, the next book The Accidental Proposal should answer my questions. I think his two books I’ve read

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