A Cottage By The Sea by Carole Matthews


My Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: Grace, Ella and Flick have been friends since College. When Ella invites them all to her cottage in South Wales for a week Grace jumps at the chance to spend some quality time with her friends. Sadly her husband Harry is less enthused and as they set off in his Bentley for their journey, Ella is pretty sure the week will be far from easy. As with every Carole Matthew’s book I read, she has a knack for ensuring the reader likes the characters. Thankfully this latest book is a perfect example of how good she really is. Grace is easy to warm to and you can’t help but feel sympathetic when Harry starts whingeing very early on because there is no phone signal.

In addition to Grace, we see her friend Ella who is the laid back one and their unpredictable and fickle friend Flick who seems to be the wild element of the friendship to their calm. Ella’s husband Art along with Flick’s handsome friend Noah, complete the six and from the early part of the book you just know the week is going to be unpredictable. I just fell in love with the descriptive Cwtch Cottage that Carole described and it made me want to immediately book up a beautiful cottage in the country for the summer!

This book is a rollercoaster of laughter, tears and friendship.

The real storyline is one that is basic, but sometimes works the best. It tells the story of the three women and we get to see each of them deal with their relationships with the men in their lives and their closest girlfriends. I was absolutely enthralled by this book and truly thought it was one of her best. I literally didn’t put it down and found myself just having to finish it because I needed to know what was going to happen to everybody.

It sounds ridiculous, but when you have an author you have read for so many years, I almost get frightened that one day I will pick up one of their new books and they will have just lost that spark that makes you love their books. In the case of Carole Matthews, her books are like wine, they most definitely improve with age and I for one will be pre-ordering the next one. It’s a sheer joy to read a book so wonderful from an author that has been writing for so long. This one is highly recommended!

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