The Follow by Paul Grzegorzek (Gareth Bell #1)


My Rating: 5/5

This latest book was a self-published book by Paul G (the surname is too long to keep typing!) and had been in my `to read’ list for months and months. I finally got around to it recently and at only a few chapters in I was regretting not having read it sooner. The first thing that struck me is how similar it was to Peter James books. Not in a bad way, but that great feeling you get when you start a James book knowing it’s going to be good!

Gareth Bell is a copper in Brighton and is working with the Drug Squad. The job is run of the mill for him until his partner gets stabbed by the psychopathic dealer Quentin Davey. The case then becomes personal for him. Added to the fact his partner was stabbed, Davey walks away from court without so much as a slap on the wrist. Gareth decides then and there to take matters into his own hands.

Gareth is an incredibly likeable character, and although he’s a copper he’s pretty ‘normal’. Don’t get me wrong he can handle himself but he’s not a walking talking killing machine like many other characters you can read about! It made a refreshing change to see a character that is a bog standard copper doing what I think many coppers would love to do, but wouldn’t risk their career for!

The story itself had me hooked in and the writing style was easy to get sucked into and I found myself irritated that not only had I not read it sooner, but that he doesn’t yet have a second book out (very disappointed)! The one thing that was maybe a little different with this book to others is the sheer detail at what police have to endure. You can tell that Paul speaks from experience and it makes the reading experience that little bit better. It was almost like I did a bit of work experience with Brighton police.

This book is an absolute bargain at just over a nicker and a half (£1.50 for those that will no doubt ask) on Amazon for the Kindle. If you are a Peter James fan you will love this book. My only disappointment is that a Publisher has not snapped him up and demanded he write a follow up immediately if not sooner. First class debut!

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