Mum on The Run by Fiona Gibson

My Rating: 4/5

Having never read Fiona Gibson, but constantly seeing good reviews I opted to choose Mum on the Run for my first read. Laura Swan is a typical mother, and in true chick lit style we see the opening of the book showing us just how much she was dreading the kids school sports day. Sadly, it meant she would have to take part in the `Mum’s’ race, which she knew was not her thing. In the first few chapters I was chuckling away as Gibson describes how the other mothers will no doubt have been in training for this race, and will arrive impeccably dressed and no doubt make her look foolish.

I warmed to Laura straight away and found the first few chapters very amusing which made it so much easier to immerse yourself in the story. Laura’s husband Jed seemed to be a bit of a flake from the get-go and I didn’t particularly like him at first. The overall plot is one that has been used countless times in this genre but (unless the writing is terrible) never fails to win the readers over. I think it’s because the majority of us can empathise with at least one element of the story. Laura is your typical housewife who has married and had children. Maybe she has let things slide a little but when she sees the perfectly turned out, and beautiful French woman Celeste, talking to her husband it spurs her into action.

She decides to start running and join a weight loss class. She meets Danny at the weight loss class and straight away I loved his character. I also really liked Laura’s children in this book. They were written brilliantly and I found myself grinning at some of the remarks they made! The story was sadly a little predictable, but this didn’t lessen my enjoyment of the book. I really liked Gibson’s writing style and she is firmly on my `to read’ list now.

She has certainly used the tried and tested chick lit formula but has managed it with tongue in cheek humour and some great characters. Although this book wasn’t necessarily one of the best I have read this year it certainly made me smile. It took me just over a day to read and I think the majority of people that read this will like it for what it is!

I will certainly be looking out for new stuff by Fiona Gibson, and in the meantime will add her other books to my ridiculously long list of other books to read!

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