Kill You Twice by Chelsea Cain (Sheridan & Lowell #5)


 My Rating: 5/5

My ReviewI started Chelsea Cain’s Archie Sheridan books at book 3 (entitled Evil at Heart) and have slowly caught up. I was really looking forward to this latest release which is now the fifth in the series. Archie Sheridan is a character that I am now all too familiar with. He is a Detective who worked on the Beauty Killer Task Force which meant tracking down and catching Gretchen Lowell. For those of you that haven’t read the series, you may need to start at the beginning to get a real idea of how the relationship between Gretchen and Archie has developed. Having said that you could probably gain enough insight to pick up and read the book anyway.

In this latest book Archie is called to a murder scene where a corpse is found in Mount Tabor Park. Before long, he receives a call from the mental hospital where Gretchen Lowell is held, informing him that she has information on the current murder. Archie has to find out whether Gretchen really does have the information, or whether she just wants to get close to him. As usual with a Cain book it takes next to no time to get absorbed by the storyline. One thing that she certainly manages to do is turn your stomach a little bit!

As with the other books in the series, we get to see other characters, only this time in more detail. We see a lot more of Henry (Archie’s partner) as well as Susan (a freelance reporter who has an unusual relationship with Henry), and Susan’s mother Bliss. I actually loved the fact that they were all more involved in this book and found that there were a lot more threads to the story that you need to follow.

The actual crime element of the story was done in true Cain style, with more stomach churning moments than I care to remember, however they certainly make it a lot more authentic that’s for sure! There were a few plot twists which I enjoyed, however I have that nagging sensation going on in my head. As much as I loved this book, how much more of Gretchen Lowell can I take? If I’m being 100% honest I’m really not that sure. I’m sincerely hoping that book 6 in this series is just as gripping as this one, but that it also features the demise of Gretchen as I think I might otherwise get tired of her. The one thing I am sure about is that if this series is overdone it would be awful because Chelsea Cain is an absolutely awesome writer. Fingers crossed that in the next book we see the demise of Gretchen, and the opener for another sick and twisted serial killer! (never thought I’d put that in a sentence!)

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