Love and Sleepless Nights by Nick Spalding


My Rating: 5/5

I read Nick Spalding’s first book Love From Both Sides and as soon as I had finished it I then downloaded this one which is the follow on. I guess if you want to read the first book you had better stop reading this review as it will inevitable contain spoilers!

In the first book we meet Jamie and Laura and they tell the story in their Diary and Blog about life being single. The book itself had me crying with laughter as it inevitably told the hard cold truth about dating in today’s society. It held some very vulgar but equally hilarious storylines which although maybe not for everybody had me screeching with laughter. In this follow up we see Laura and Jamie face life as a couple with the added shock of finding out that Laura is pregnant.

It’s hard to specify exactly what the storyline is all about other than to say it’s the story of two youngsters preparing and dealing with parenthood. The story starts with a particularly funny episode with Laura interviewing for a job and as soon as I had read that scene I realised I wouldn’t be putting the book down until I had finished. Once again Nick Spalding has managed to write a very funny book with some side splitting moments (especially when Jamie takes the baby out on his own for the first time). There are so many of these funny moments that it’s too hard to tell you my favourites.

All I know is that much like the first book there is a real sense of many readers shaking their head as they realise that Spalding has hit the nail on the head with many tales of raising children. The book was so well written, easy to read and every other chapter seemed to throw up another ridiculous but funny situation. By the end of the book I was sad to see the ending was here but crossed my fingers and hoped that Spalding decides to bring back the Newman’s and their daughter as a teenager!

I can honestly say that this book and the previous one was brilliant, had me laughing from start to finish and is a book I think many will enjoy. I truly would recommend that these books are read in order and for the price of them on Kindle it’s an absolute bargain. Can’t wait to read another Spalding!

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