Something From Tiffany’s by Melissa Hill


My Rating: 3/5

I have never read a Melissa Hill book before and was looking forward to reading something light hearted. After reading the synopsis on the back I figured this was just the sort of ‘feel-good’ read I could do with. The book starts off set in the wonderfully romatic city of New York and we meet two men on completely different trips. Ethan is making a special trip to Tiffany¡¦;s with his daughter to collect an engagement ring for his girlfriend Vanessa. Meanwhile Gary is shopping until he drops and at the last minute decides on a short trip to Tiffany¡¦s to get his girlfriend Rachel a charm bracelet. What follows the trip is an accident where the two bags get mixed up and Rachel ends up with the ring and Vanessa the bracelet.

The first few chapters were a great introduction to the two main male characters and I have to say that I took an instant dislike to Gary and his awful attitude. Ethan on the other hand was a joy to read with his charming and well mannered ways. With both couples back in their respective homes the story then takes a turn where we see Ethan and his vain attempts to track down the missing ring.

I really liked the character Rachel and enjoyed reading about her a lot more that Vanessa. The story did stretch a little in the middle and I felt like it was missing something, however towards the end it picked up again. A lot of previous reviews I have read seemed to complain that the synopsis gives it away, and although I know what they mean, the book is still a great read. The characters are engaging and the storyline interesting. The best part about this book for me was the ending. I managed to do that smug self satisfied grin to myself because I knew what the ending would be. Thankfully I was proved totally wrong and the ending was great, especially as it managed to wipe that smug self satisfied grin off my face º

No the book is not original, and it certainly isn’t the best that is out there in this genre. Having said that, it is a really easy to read book with good characters and it kept me interested. I will certainly be looking out for more Melissa Hill books in the future.

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