Summer Daydreams by Carole Matthews


My Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: First off I need to admit I am a big Carole Matthews fans and a huge fan of the Chocolate Lovers series of books that she wrote. Having said that, I’m certainly not biased and if I don’t enjoy one of her books I will say. Her last release Wrapped Up In You I enjoyed but it wasn’t my favourite.

Moving onto this latest Release Summer Daydreams, we are in a whole new ball park! Within the first two chapters I had fallen in love with the fabulous people. Nell McNamara works in the chip shop and lives locally with her boyfriend Olly and her young daughter Petal. What starts as a makeover for the chippy, pushes Nell into a new line of work designing her own handbags.

What caught my attention from the beginning are the people. Nell’s boss Phil, her two work colleagues Constance and Jenny and Nell’s partner Olly. They are all so readable and lovely. They all have their place in the story and before the first few chapters I couldn’t get enough of them all.

Nell was likeable but frustrating as you see her try to juggle her home life with work and making something for herself and her family’s future. As Nell realises that she may well have talent, you see her facing all the trials and tribulations that I imagine many people starting up on their own face. She has to work out how it all works, against the constant pressure of rising debt to fund her business.

While she is doing all this things start to go wrong, and once they start down that route they only seem to get worse! Towards the middle I realised that I had been reading it straight and had only picked it up that morning. I also realised that these were the first set of characters I had read since the Chocolate Lovers girls that I wanted to see more of (although they still remain my absolute favourites).

Having worked my normal day job I excitedly finished the rest of the book literally not being able to put it down, as I so desperately wanted things to work out well. I finished this in one day and must say it is one of Carole’s best books I have read in a long time. I devoured this and would love nothing more than to see these characters again in the future. Whether we will or not remains to be seen, all I know is that her Carole’s latest release is a true testament to why she is a very successful author. Highly recommended!

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