Gone For Good by Harlan Coben

My Rating: 4/5

 I have read one of Harlan Coben’s stand alone novels, albeit some time ago, and am slowly working my way through his back catalogue. In this book we meet Will Klein and I found that it didn’t take long for me to like him. What also became apparent pretty quickly was that Will Klein is an ordinary bloke. He isn’t somebody who can ruthlessly take down bad guys and he isn’t a brooding lead character that has an issue with authority. In other words, a welcome change from the ordinary leading male cop type character!

The story itself is quite interesting and before long you realise that the disappearance of Will’s girlfriend is far from ordinary. There is also the added plot thread that includes the disappearance of Wills brother who is trhe main suspect in the murder of Julie Miller 11 years prior.

One of the things that really struck me with the Myron Bolitar series of books was the great characters, this book was no different. Will Klein’s friend Squares is a brilliant added character and I found that I would have like to have actually seen more of him in the book. Even with that as a negative this book was still an absolutely brilliant read.

Towards the end I found myself reading even quicker and I must say that the last few chapters had many twists and surprises in store which I absolutely loved. All in all it was another winner from Harlan Coben.

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