Bad Moon Rising by Sheila Quigley (Seahills #2)


My Rating: 3/5

Sheila Quigley is still a relatively new author to me and I only recently finished her first book in the series featuring Detective Inspector Lorraine Hunt. In the first book we meet Lorraine as well as some of her colleagues she works with such as Carter, Luke and Sara. We also see featured some of the Lumsdon family who were in the first book.

The one thing I liked about reading book two is that I already have a feel for the area and the characters and how they interact with each other. I know Lorraine’s feelings on certain people which makes me feel like I know the characters that little bit more. Having said that, it certainly isn’t necessary to read the first book as this book gives you adequate background.

The story itself sees Lorraine and her team tackling a series of murders at a time when the town is preparing for an annual event called Feast Week. There is also an interesting second thread concerning a missing young girl which made for an interesting take on all the things happening in the town.

The book, as with the first one, was very easy to read and there was plenty going on. However, this one was not as good as the first on, although I can tell you I will certainly be buying book 3! The one thing that irritated me in this book was Lorraine trying to deal with her feelings for a certain fella’. This is a woman who has numerous jobs to juggle and murders to solve, yet when it comes to a man, she seems to become a simpering wreck? That aside, the story was great and the writing style good enough to keep me turning the pages.

One thing that readers should know is that the book and characters are from the north of England, so Sheila Quigley has written the narrative exactly as the dialect is spoken. It certainly doesn’t bother me and I think adds to the realism of the people; however some may find it a little hard work. Although I didn’t think the story was as good as the first, Sheila Quigley has me hooked on these characters and I am looking forward to the third book in the series.

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