You’re Next by Gregg Hurwitz

My Rating: 4/5

Having never read a Gregg Hurwitz and having read some favourable reviews I was looking forward to getting my teeth into another new author. The book isn’t slow on the uptake and the first couple of chapters is spent introducing up to Mike, his wife Annabel and their adorable but incredibly bright daughter Kat (what a great name?!?).

Mike was brought up in a foster home and was seemingly abandoned when he was a young child. Having not had the best start in life he has literally turned his life around. When he meets a stranger at a party who explains that he knows him, Mike is none the wiser. It soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary conversation, and pretty soon Mike is aware that he and his whole family are at risk. From that point in the book onwards the tense feeling never leaves you.

Gregg Hurwitz seems to have the ability to create a hurried feeling towards the reader making you think that the worst is going to happen. As the story starts to unfold Mike does what he needs to do to keep he and family safe but it unfortunately means that he is up against people that are a lot more dangerous than he is. In turn I found myself wincing at some of the situations that turned up but found myself willing Mike on to just break the law and get even with them!

I became a little frustrated towards the last quarter of the book as it is very late on that we find out the reasons behind the manhunt. It certainly kept me reading that was for sure. There were quite a few twists along the way and I really liked the main characters. The only downside for me was that once I found out the reason he was being chased I felt it was maybe a little too OTT. It did make a refreshing change to read about a male lead character that wasn’t a cop who had little interest in doing as he is told!

As soon as I finished this book, I checked out his other books and now have a couple sitting in my `to read’ pile. I was very pleased that I read this and thought it was full of suspense and edgy enough to keep me very interested, although maybe not a 5 star read due to the final section of the book.

Overall highly recommended!

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