Review of About Last Night by Adele Parks


My Rating: 3/5

Having only read 1 other Adele Parks before, I was looking forward to something different. A chick lit write producing what seemed like grown up chick lit made for a refreshing change. When I started the books I began to realise quite quickly that the author was producing a lot of background, thoughts and feelings with very little speech (if that makes sense).

The character Steph I found very hard to get to grips with, she seemed very cold and mechanical, whereas Pip was a delightfully scatty character that you couldn’t help but like. The story centres on the two women’s friendship and just how far you will go to help a friend.

I found that around the halfway mark I felt like the book was dragging a little bit and was struggling to keep my interest. Having said that, I enjoyed reading about the two women and how their lives had come to the stage they were at now. The writing was clever and I can certainly see where Adele Parks’s talent lays, but I couldn’t help but feel that there wasn’t much happening.

I certainly didn’t dislike the story and there is a certain element of realism to it, but I just think I struggled to keep up with the lengthy narrative. I would have loved to have seen more `real conversations’ happening between the characters. I understand that this is probably a bit more meaningful as we get to see the whys and what’ if’s with each woman, but it just felt like a really long book.

Overall, this book certainly won’t put me off reading more Adele Parks books, but in all honesty this style of book was not my cup of tea. I’m all for meaningful books, but a little more action and a little less description would have been better.¬†Overall, not a bad read, but certainly not an out and out winner in my eyes.

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