Stolen by Susan Lewis


My Rating: 4/5

Lucy Winters’ parents have always been there for her. Loving, gentle and kind they have given her everything she could have wished for. Now, estranged from her husband, she has moved to the country to take over their thriving auction business. The moment she begins to prepare for her first sale she knows she’s made the right decision. And she dares to hope that at last she is living the life she has always dreamed of.

But then, quite suddenly, her world is thrown into turmoil. She discovers a shocking truth, one that forces her to question everything she has ever known. And it becomes frighteningly possible that the very people who should have protected her are the ones who have betrayed her in the most devastating of ways. Can she ever forgive them? Can they ever forgive themselves…?

I always enjoy Susan Lewis’ books. There is a certain quality of realism to them and real feeling which makes a pleasant change. This book was no different and as you read the prologue, you get an idea of the harrowing scenario one set of parents face as their child disappears. The first few chapters are spent introducing us to Lucy Winters and her family. Lucy is an easy character to like as she struggles to convince her daughter that their relocation is a good idea. Lucy has been given the task of runnign her parents auction business. Lucy’s husband and daughter make you realise that her life is not straightforward and her husband I took an instant dislike to.

Once Lucy has made her fresh start and tries to run her parents business she soon realises that there are more problems than she realises. We soon meet the other characters that make up this wonderful book. There is Sarah who is suffering her own losses as she tries to come to terms with the loss of her father and son as well as trying to get through day to day life.

John and Pippa are newcomers to the town and I immediately fell in love with the brother and sister and wanted only good things for them. The book took me no time at all to get in to and I was soon beginning to see that there were many threads to the story as well as many unanswered questions.

The main plots become inter weaved and as the book nears the end all the answers become a lot clearer. What I loved about this book is that there were so many outcomes that could have been, but the ones that actually took place made the book lovely to read. It was as usual for one of her books a pleasure to read and very heartfelt. It frightens me to think that things like this probably do happen many times in real life but the book is written with real sensitivity and I thought it was very enjoyable. I look forward to the next book from her.

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