Stand By Me by Sheila O’Flanagan

164x250 (3)

My Rating: 4/5

Dominique Delahaye is married to successful businessman Brendan. However, when Brendan disappears, leaving Dominique and their daughter to cope alone, things look very bleak for them. However, will Brendan ever return or is it too little too late in Dominique’s eyes?

This is a pretty hefty book at a little over 500 pages long. However, normally I would settle straight into an O’Flanagan book but this one took me a little longer than usual. What I absolutely loved was the fact that this story is told from beginning to end. Although the start of the book sees Dominique in the current day, you are swiftly transported back to when she was just a young girl and met Brendan for the very first time.

Dominique is a very young girl and her parents are devout religious people who try to mould Dominique to be more like her brother who wants to be a priest. Dominique has other ideas and becomes very independent even from a young age. Sheila O’Flanagan does a fine job of creating the typical religious Irish upbringing that Dominique has and you almost feel yourself rooting for her to create her own life away from her parents.

Dominique’s husband Brendan is introduced to the story very early on and we get to see how their relationship progresses and their family as well as Brendan’s business grows. Before long you find yourself slap bang in the middle of Dominique’s seemingly perfect life.

When Brendan disappears and leaves Domino (his pet name for Dominique) and their daughter Kelly to fend for themselves I found myself beginning to loathe the character. The story itself is wonderful in the sense that you get a real perspective of how their loves have become what they are and the reasons behind it.

The story is all consuming and I love the introduction of Brendan’s brother Greg and his wife, who also happened to be a school friend of Dominique’s. It makes for an interesting dynamic of the story and by the last quarter of the book I was so conflicted with how I felt about the different characters I almost got annoyed. The fact that I could get worked up over a story tells me the author has hit the nail on the head as far as the story goes.

The ending was wrapped up with what I felt was a good conclusion but it would have been nice to see an epilogue maybe a year on. Sheila O’Flanagan has produced another great book which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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