Naked Truths by Jo Carnegie


My Rating: 4/5

My Review In this follow up to `Country Pursuits’ I was expecting another 5 star read. Although I enjoyed this book it wasn’t as good as the first one.

Once again we meet Caro and her new husband Benedict who move away from Churchminster back to London to be closer to Benedict’s work. They move to Montague Mews where they meet their new neighbours. Saffron is a young, hip and trendy socialite who lives with her Aunt Velda along with Stephen and Klaus who have a holiday home in Churchminster and the reclusive Rowena. We are also reintroduced to Harriett who also lived in Churchminster and is working at Soiree, a popular women’s magazine as a PA to Catherine Connor. Add into the mix Benedict’s sister Amelia who appears on their doorstep looking to stay for a while following her stint of living abroad. Both Catherine and Amelia are both hiding dark secrets which turn Montague Mews into a very interesting place to live. Caro finds it hard to adjust to living in London and spends most of her time ferrying her son Milo to and from Nursery and wondering just what is going on with their reclusive neighbour Rowena. Saffron is busy trying to carve out her career whilst fighting with her awful boss Annabel who is incredibly lazy. Harriet is thriving in her new job and is determined to find love in London. Catherine meanwhile is fighting to save the magazine from closure. With the pressures of deadlines from her Company Board she is thrown into turmoil when an old friend from her past turns up.

All in all the book was enjoyable but I couldn’t help feeling there was something missing. The characters were fantastic (as they were in the last book), and the storytelling good but I couldn’t help feeling there was maybe a bit too much going on to focus on any one particular character.

In Jo Carnegies last book we really got to know the characters involved an you could clearly follow each plot as they developed. This book can be read as a stand alone book but is a bit better when you have already read the first. I will definitely read and look forward to her next book and hope that maybe we get to find out a bit more about some of the individual characters

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