That Loving Feeling by Carole Matthews


My Rating: 5/5

Kat’s Review: What can I say? I have to be totally honest and say that whilst reading this book I embarrassed myself on numerous occasions by actually laughing out loud whilst on the train. This book was an absolute joy to read. I am a huge fan of the series the Chocolate Lovers and found that I was comparing each book to that series. This book needed no comparison.

Juliet Joyce is a typical married mother of two. Her husband Rick along with their two children in their late teens Tom and Chloe, live in a regular close leading a very ordinary life. Juliet’s mother has recently moved in after deciding that upon reaching her 70s she was going to start living her life the way she wanted. Juliet works in the local library and the most excitement her life sees is what lies in store for her when she gets home with regards to what new and inventive ways her children have come up with top avoid cleaning their rooms, or god forbid, getting a job!

However, when her ex fiancé who jilted her at the alter, Steven Aubrey turns up, her life is thrown into the mixer. This along with the predicaments her husband manages to get himself into along with the behaviour of her kids, her party animal mother, and her father who has changed his life dramatically make for an absolutely explosive and hilarious story. Her marriage starts to teeter when Steven comes on the scene and she has to decide whether she wants to make a new life for herself or stick with what she already has.

This story was told with such humour that I was hooked from the first chapter. The characters are the most honest version of mixed up families I have read in a while and some of the one-liners that were told had tears running down my cheeks. I finished this book in a day and a half and haven’t laughed that much at a book in a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed every page and would highly recommend to anybody. The Chocolate Lovers series although still a firm favourite, doesn’t seem quite as important after reading this latest Carole Matthews books. A definite must have.

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