The Perfect Man by Sheila O’Flanagan

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My Rating: 4/5

My Review – This story starts by introducing us to Britt and Mia who are sisters. Sisters who are polar opposites and have been thrown together onboard a cruise ship, for two whole weeks. Britt used to be a lawyer handling divorce cases, which as a bitter and complete unromantic, suited her down to the ground. When her marriage broke up Britt turned to writing and surprisingly managed to churn out Ireland’s most romantic novel that was an instant hit. Being thrust into the limelight as the most unlikely romantic author, Britt has to attend a workshop onboard the ship giving talks on how to write your own romantic novel. Her agent has an unfortunate accident meaning her sister Mia is left to accompany her on the tour.

Mia has a young child and lives in Spain, following her own romantic troubles. The two sisters have never been that close and being thrown together for two weeks tests their limits and their relationship. The cruise ship starts the ball rolling for both of them in completely different directions as they meet Leo, the heartbroken widower who is struggling to move on with his life. Also onboard is the ships officer Steve who seems to take a shine to both sisters. They also meet Pippin, a glamorous wannabe model who is all blonde hair and gleaming teeth. The story throws all of them together and makes for some extremely surprising events. When the cruise ends they think that things will return to normal but as Britt end up having to remodel her house she decides to stay with Mia in Spain for a while which makes them both re-evaluate their life and choices.

When I first started reading it, unusually it took me three or four chapters to get into this, which had me worrying that; maybe she had lost her touch. Luckily I was wrong and by chapter 5, I was as usual engrossed with Sheila O’Flanagan’s latest book. As usual she has created a really strong storyline with characters that you will love. Definitely one to read!

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