Evil At Heart by Chelsea Cain (Sheridan & Lowell #3)


My Review: 4/5

 Having never read Chelsea Cain I had not read the first and second instalment in the “Gretchen Lowell” series however this didn’t’ make the slightest bit of difference. There is enough history about the characters to be able to get a feel for the previous 2 books in this current story. Having said that I think I would like to go back and read the other two to get the bigger picture.

The story picks up with Archie Sheridan who is busy facing his own personal demons when Henry Sobol his old partner comes along and shatters his world with the news he has been hoping he won’t get. The serial killer who made Archie’s life hell and had escaped was not only on the run but was now back on the warpath and murdering once again.

Susan Ward is a journalist who found herself involved in the last case between Gretchen and Archie and finds herself once again embroiled into the dark world of murder. Between them they follow various murder victims to what they hope will be Gretchen’s hiding place. The murders themselves are quite gruesome in detail and not for the squeamish or faint hearted. WE learn quite a bit about Susan who is a fantastic character. She is a reporter/journalist who is quite feisty and tends to not listen when told she cannot do something. Her and Archie spend an awful lot of time together chasing demons and both getting caught out in situations they shouldn’t have been in, in the first place.

The finale of this book was great and without giving any spoilers Archie is faced head on with all his demons at once and by the final chapter I was already wondering when the next instalment is out. Although I wouldn’t rate this as one of my favourite crime thrillers I thought this was a fantastic read and would definitely recommend.

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