Review of Love Lies by Adele Park

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My Rating: 4/5

Remember that dream you had when you were younger about your favourite popstar. If only he could look at you or meet you and realise what you are truly like….he could fall in love with you. Adele Parks makes that dream a reality in this book. Don’t get me wrong this is complete and utter fantasy land reading but still…

Fern is coming up to 30 and decides to give her boyfriend Adam an ultimatum, marry her or leave.

After making her life’s decision to make or break Adam she bumps into Scottie Taylor, the UKs biggest and sexiest popstar. In true fanatasy land worlds they fall head over heels in love with each other at first sight. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that her dreams would turn into a reality. Before you know it, Scotty is doing the one thing that every woman in the UK wants, proposing to Fern in the most romantic way he knows how at his sell out gig in Wembly in front of thousands of people.

She is taken in by the whirlwind romance and before she realises it she is in LA, the land of dreams. She is living the celebrity life and planning her wedding all with her every whim catered for. As her life becomes all that she ever dreamt of she ends up wondering if it’s what she really wanted after all. Why on earth is whe wondering what life would be like back at her little flat in Clapham, and why does Adam keep popping into her head?

The characters are great although a little too typical and this isn’t like her usual style of book. I quite enjoy her books, maybe not as much as other chick lit authors however this was a little bit of fantasy reading which made a change. Her fans may not like this as it isn’t like her other books but I enjoyed every chapet (even the predictable ones). There are some funny moments in the book and I liked the character Fern.


The ending is very predictable and although this book isn’t the best that I have read it is pure escapism at it’s best. It is complete fairytale reading and would probably suit young girls in their late teens. However, although I may not be a teen anymore I certainly loved being transported back to the heady days where I believed dreams really could come true!

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