Lock Down by Sean Black (Ryan Lock and Ty Johnson #1)

222x346 (3)

Synopsis: It may be Christmas Eve in New York, but for ex-military bodyguard Ryan Lock it’s business as usual. His task: to protect the CEO of the world’s largest bio-technology company from a group of radical, and highly determined, activists.

But when a failed assassination attempt leaves the streets of midtown littered with bodies, and hours later the son of the company’s chief research scientist is abducted from his Upper West Side prep school, Lock’s hunt for the boy turns into an explosive game of cat and mouse.
Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: Well I am a fan of this type of book anyway and wondered whether this would be up to scratch. There is so much competition out there that it is hard to grab the readers attention but can honestly say that Sean Black certainly grabbed mine. This is the first novel with the lead character of Ryan Lock. Lock is an ex-soldier who now works for a Pharmaceuticals company. He runs the operations team there as an elite bodyguard. Things turn sour when an animal protest march goes wrong and Lock is working against the clock to find the people responsible. With his good friend and partner Ty, they hunt down one of the worlds most feared and dangerous women. The story runs smoothly from start to finish and is a real page turner. I loved the style of writing and the book kept me gripped from start to finish. We also meet Locks love interest in this book as well as his partner Ty and I can only hope that they all appear in his next book. I thought only Jack Reacher and Alex Cross were my favourite characters but I can now add Ryan Lock to that list!

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