The Neighbour by Lisa Gardner (DD Warren #3)

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My Rating: 4/5

I am a Lisa Gardner fan and was eagerly awaiting this book. This isn’t so much a follow on from the ‘Bobby Dodge’ series that she has done, it was more of an extension of the series. In the book we meed DD Warren who featured in the last two Bobby Dodge books (Alone and Hide). DD is a tough talking female cop who is on the trail of a missing woman. The Jones are a normal couple. It seems that Jason Jones and his wife Sandra along with their daughter Ree had a normal life, until Jason comes home and finds his wife missing. All there is to prove this theory is a broken lampshade and some missing bed sheets. DD starts the investigation and finds that Jason and Sandra’s life seems a little ‘too’ normal for her liking. After delving, we are introduced to possible suspects for Sandra’s dissapearance one of whom is registered in the sex offenders list and just happens to live on the same street as her. Sandra’s father is also an unknow in this case and DD doesn’t like the vibes she is picking up from him. She finds the case gets incredibly complicated the more she looks into both Sandra and Jason’s past.

This particular book had me (literally) on the edge of my seat. It gave so many suspect possibilities, along with quite a few scenarios that you wondered…”did they do it”. I think her descriptions of characters are fantastic and you end up having very strong feelings about them very early on (always a good sign I think). It was just what a good crime book needs and Lisa Gardner (yet again) has delivered it. As usual I will be placing my pre-order months before so I don’t miss out on her next book. FANTASTIC!

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