Daddy’s Girls by Tasmina Perry


My Rating: 5/5

My Review: I decided to read this debut Novel by Tasmina Perry because the jacket description was appealing. I would describe it upon first glance as Chick Lit although later I think this theory will appear slightly incorrect.

Tasmina’s first novel features the Balcon sisters. Serena, Cate, Camilla and Venetia are used to a world where money can buy you anything but the four sisters are completely different. The four sisters all have different careers. Cate is a magazine editor, Camilla is a barrister, Venetia is a designer and Serena is the spoilt actress. The sisters all love each other despite their differences but all seem united in the one problem they all have, their father. Lord Oswald Balcon is never pleased, least of all with his daughters. When he is found dead one morning, the sisters decide to find out who is behind his murder. All four sisters have the motive, so is one of them the killer?

This book was in my opinion a great first novel. The thing is, you will either love this or hate it, and for me I definitely loved it. I am a fan of all things cheesy and this book is certainly along the Jackie Collins Genre of book. Although this is probably still considered Chick Lit I thought the storyline was well written and thorough. There are quite a few plotlines so you have to keep track of them all but for me the experience was thoroughly enjoyable. This is the sort of book that you can fully absorb yourself in. Highly recommended, especially for Jackie Collins fans. The only negative I can say is that Tasmina Perry only writes a book a year at the moment. In one respect I like the fact that she doesn’t just churn them out, but at the same token it means having to wait quite a while for a great book!

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