Fatal Cut by June Hampson (Daisy Lane #4)


Synopsis: Daisy Lane is gradually coming to terms with her troubled past, while building a future for herself and her two sons. Roy Kemp, the notorious gangster and Daisy’s former lover, is banged up in prison along with the Kray twins. Daisy wants to enjoy her new-found freedom, but must watch over Roy’s criminal empire in his absence, all the while attempting to continue her illicit relationship with Vinnie Endersby – just about the only straight-dealing copper in Gosport. But it isn’t long before another gangster decides to challenge Roy’s dominance…

While Roy counts his days to freedom, the criminal landscape is changing. Vice and extortion are being replaced by new pursuits – hard core pornography and drugs. Soon, the bodies of mutilated girls are found dumped around the outskirts of Gosport – the deadly product of a ruthless gang. Meanwhile, Daisy must make a difficult choice. The greater the threat to Roy’s empire, the more involved Daisy becomes in his life. But Vinnie and Daisy have waited years to be together. Will this be their chance at last?

Before Daisy can make any decisions, matters take a deadly turn – with Roy’s business under threat, she is forced to confront his enemies, and by doing so, puts her life and that of her sons, in desperate peril…

Kat’s Rating: 4/5

Kat’s Review: I discovered June Hampson quite recently and was absolutely bowled over by her writing. Shes as good if not better than Martina Cole. After reading the first three books in the Daisy Lane series I was more than excited to read this new one. We go back to the life of Daisy Lane and her business relationship with Roy Kemp, a big-time gangster, who although broke her heart, is still both her business partner and a big part of her life. We also come accross Vera who helps run Daisys business with her and her lover, detective Vinnie Endersby. Daisys life is complicated when one of her girls gets in trouble with a debt collector and another starts hitting the drugs. Vinnie is meanwhile trying to crack the case concerning girls going missing and pictures of dead women and children turning up. Fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable but just lacked a certain something that her last book had. Fantastic all the same. If you haven’t read them give them a go

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